In early 2016 Mary de Piro was offered a retrospective exhibition by the Bank of Valletta (BOV) to be held at their Headquarters in Santa Venera Malta between the 21st of October and 1st of December 2016.


Considerable work during the middle months of 2016, led by a delightful, knowledgeable and commited Curator, Dr Theresa Vella, led to the exhibition of 55 paintings in 4 different genres covering 50 years work.


The Exhibition was inaugurated by Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, the President of Malta. Professor Richard England, a friend and mentor of the artist since early in her career, made a speech based on his view of the artisitc development and style changes he had observed over the years. Dr Theresa Vella was able to pull together long lost facts and comments of the artist covering the full 50 years of her work.


A comprehensive booklet that accompanied the Exhibition was produced which gave a considerable amount of biographical detail and photos as well as photos of paintings that were unable to be included in the Exhibition itself.  


BOV was kind enough to organise tours of the Exhibition during the period as well as allowing the public to come and view the works at any time.